Building Communities.

Zyper is a P2P software platform that helps you identify, manage and maintain the top 1% of your brand fans. We give structure to the most effective form of marketing; peer-to-peer referral with deep data and AI.

Zyper is currently invitation-only

UGC at Scale

Turn your passive followers into active brand advocates to deliver consistent & authentic uplift in market voice.

Uplift in Market Voice

Unlock a cost efficient funnel for UGC at scale, with content metrics to understand influence on a granular level.

Deep Analytics

Millennials and Gen Z, want to be marketed with, not to. Friend's recommendations consistently outperform 'influencers'.

Access to UGC

“UGC that features a brand gets 9x more engagement than a brand created post”

— Brand Watch 2016 Market Report

Our Clients

We’re trusted to build and power communities for the world’s most innovative brands